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October 20, 2017
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Optimizing Autism for Outdoor Educators

Do You:
  • teach outdoors and wilderness skills, and work with more and more students and children who have learning disabilities, especially autism and Asperger’s?
  • have ideas about how to help challenged kids, but can’t back up what you’re thinking, experimenting with, or talking about with your team?
  • keep getting told that autistics do so much better in your programs than anywhere else, and want to know why?
If So…

There is a new online course starting late April 2018, designed by 2 adults with autism who have taught outdoors and wilderness skills and are well-versed in mental and physical health practices.

Shore Charnoe (BAH, BSW, RSW) and Jackie McMillan (BES, Asperger’s) are offering a 13 module program to help you:

  1. gain the perspectives and background that will allow you to help these kids truly thrive, and to
  2. align these perspectives with 8 Shields principles and practices – Shore is a mentor and facilitator with the 8 Shields Institute.

You have a greater chance to improve the lives of children with autism and other learning disabilities than almost anyone else…

And if their parents have any curiosity at all, you’ll have an outstanding impact on their home life, just by knowing what to share.

Because this is a pilot, a test run of these 13 weeks of materials, reshaped for a new audience, the charge is half the cost of what these materials have previously been sold for.

And because we want your feedback, we’re only accepting up to 30 participants.

We really want to offer this course to a small and responsive group before taking it bigger for next September. This is the only time that Jackie & Shore can fit this in, before the summer holidays interrupt almost everyone’s “regularly scheduled programming”.

Interested in Participating?

We’re going to interview every single one of you at the beginning.  We want to catch what you’ve already noticed about these kids, what your biggest questions are, so we make sure we best meet your needs.  And we’re going to be asking you questions throughout the course to check in about what’s beneficial, and what extra information needs to be included.

Because we’re customizing as we go, we can’t be as specific about how long the calls will go.  The evenings will be structured in a dialogue format, with everyone participating;  however, all prepared materials will be covered before 9 pm, at which point there are more options for feedback for those who need to leave promptly.

If you would like…

  • to take this course at its least expensive price
  • to benefit from a lot of access to Shore and Jackie
  • the opportunity to help refine this course for the needs of outdoor educators
  • the maximum amount of participation (rather than an e-course where you’re on your own with the materials, without any engagement from instructors)

Then here are the details:


When:  Tuesday (and some Thursday) evenings 7 to 9 pm eastern time, starting April 24th (complete list of dates at the end of this webpage)

Where:  Online through Zoom or via phone, plus email;  all group calls will be audio and video recorded, and notes will be shared, so if you can’t make them all, don’t worry, you’ll have access to materials, and ways to get your questions answered!

What:  You will receive access to slides, handouts as needed, audio and video recordings of the calls, references to relevant research, and any extra resources deemed useful as we progress.

Cost:  $500* for 13 classes chock-full of information (that works out to just $38.46 per class!)

* In the interests of restoring equity, indigenous peoples are welcomed and encouraged to participate at a pay-what-you-can price, every time this program is offered, and anybody who would like to participate and is experiencing financial difficulty is encouraged to contact us.  To confirm your spot, send a first deposit with a note containing your name and background to


Ready to sign up?

Clicking the PayPal button below guarantees a spot for you in our pilot program.  You’ll receive an email from Jackie with more details within 2-4 days after you complete the PayPal payment – we have no automated welcome or thank you set up (both of us ration our time on the internet, for autism reasons).

Please Note:

This program is entwining nature connection and other learnings which can trigger old grief and trauma.  Many people leave nature connection and autism work because they don’t know how to handle the grief and trauma which surfaces.

If you find that you need 1:1 help in processing anything that has gotten triggered, Shore and Jackie will be available to support you in this with private sessions at additional cost – for this beta test, we’ll set these up at a Pay-What-You-Can price.

Shore is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (which means that for your individual sessions with Shore, you can claim her receipts on your next tax return**).  Jackie is a movement therapist who has trained in 8 different methods of trauma release, some of which can be done over phone or Zoom.

**Note:  The Canada Revenue Agency states that within all provinces in Canada, social workers are “authorized medical practitioners for the purpose of the medical expense tax credit” (NU, NWT, and YT do not classify social workers as medical practitioners).

You can claim eligible medical expenses on line 330 or line 331 of Schedule 1, Federal Tax, of your tax return.  For more information, click here to visit the CRA website.


Sponsor Someone?

If you want to see this pilot program go ahead, but are unable to participate at this time, would you consider contributing some sponsorship funds so that others can attend?

To add to a bursary fund, click this link and add a note saying “Bursary”, with your name if you would like to be thanked:

We look forward to hearing from you!


Complete list of dates:
  • Tuesday April 24th, Introduction (7:00 to 9:00 pm or later, Eastern time, each listed evening)
  • Tuesday May 1st, Module 1 (Successful Strategies for Change)
  • Tuesday May 8th, Module 2 (Air)
  • Thursday May 10th, Module 3 (Water)
  • Tuesday May 15th, Module 4 (Food)
  • Tuesday May 22nd, Module 5 (Shelter)
  • Thursday May 24th, Module 6 (The Skin)
  • Tuesday May 29th, Module 7 (Cleansing)
  • Tuesday June 5th, Module 8 (Light, Sounds, and other Frequencies)
  • Thursday June 7th, Module 9 (Crisis Prevention)
  • Tuesday June 12th, Module 10 (Technology, Media, and Addiction)
  • Tuesday June 19th, Module 11 (Rebuilding the Village)
  • Thursday June 21st, Module 12 (Mind-Body-Spirit Connection)
  • Tuesday June 26th, Module 13 (Closing the Circle, Extending the Spiral)
  • Thursday June 28th, Additional Q&A if needed, final 1:1 feedback interviews if not

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