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January 13, 2021
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Autism, Anthropomorphism, and the God in All Things


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A friend recently shared a PubMed article with me that left me bemused.  We’ve got another example of the old, reductionist, Cartesian model of science coming up against the realities of quantum physics and the relationships among all matter and energy — including things like living beings, vehicles, mugs, dust motes in the air… and research reports.

The report from PubMed is entitled, “Object personification in autism:  This paper will be very sad if you don’t read it” (

As the report writers say, object personification occurs commonly in those of us with autism, perhaps more commonly than in the rest of the population, particularly at later ages.  The data set in the study isn’t large enough to make statistically-significant inferences, but I’ve certainly found it true from my own networking with spectrum teens, adults, and families.

My funny-bone was tickled that the researchers assumed that object personification, or anthropomorphism (giving human characteristics to the non-human) was incorrect.

Collated Indigenous experiences from around the world (e.g. Four Worlds International Institute, Connection First, Tree of Peace Society) indicate that we need three foundations of connection in order to be vibrant human beings.  We need a connection to self, we need a connection to others, and we need a connection to our environment or familiar territory.

Connection is not a one-way street.

The more that Indigenous and ancient spiritual traditions become known by physicists, the more these physicists are stymied by the similarities between new physics discoveries and ancient knowledge about the relationships between matter, energy, and consciousness (for example, read “The Dancing Wu Li Masters”)

The Indigenous and mystic experience is that communication is possible with other species of life, with watersheds, with viruses, with stones, and with anything else that can be identified, including storms, wind, and the void of space.

Information gathered through this kind of communication, and passed on through teachings, has been well in advance of both the instruments which can objectively evaluate its truth, and the scientific theories and models which can predict  the results observed and taught by these ancient traditions.

Fossilized Nautilus Shell Spiral

Nautilus Shell Spiral –

Matter is fractal.  No matter how large the scale is expanded, or how tiny the scale is shrunk, we have the same kinds of patterns repeating.  Dots, spirals, branches, waves, and so on.  No matter how small a scale we achieve, any point can contain infinite amounts of information.  And that information consistently exhibits similar characteristics.

Quantum physics predicts and demonstrates entanglement.  Entanglement means that any particles that have had some connection or relationship in the past will continue to have instantaneous communication and responses to each other’s states, no matter how far away from each other they move.  And any two particles can become entangled.

If our most advanced science is still catching up with the spiritual and communication experiences of ancient traditions, who are we to say that the matter which surrounds us lacks consciousness?

Perhaps the extra sensory sensitivities that are so common in those of us with autism are giving us an extra edge in existing communications between particles.

And perhaps the predominant autistic perception that matter surrounding us isn’t happy is reflecting the degree of exploitation, oppression, destruction, and contamination involved in how our environments are currently built or managed.

It’s questionable whether our species will survive on this planet unless we can begin to recognize the God in all things.

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