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Do you spend too much time feeling frustrated and baffled?

Know-how is within reach, if you want to optimize autism health, learning, and function for ANYone with autism ... and live happier as a result!

Make yourself at home, tour through the free resources in the blog, from the free reports, through social media, and in YouTube.

Let me help you Thrive with Autism.

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  • You make dealing with it seem possible...

    I watched the lecture tonight and was really impressed--such clarity and compassion. If I were the parent of a child on the spectrum looking around for help out there, I'd feel so reassured by the depth of your knowledge, by the fact that you've been through it all, and that you make dealing with it seem possible, when things can so easily seem overwhelming. Sounds like you are really helping people and have really found your niche. And I can imagine that it only came by dint of a lot of hard work and persistence!

    Holistic Manual Therapist
  • Wow! I have finally carved out a little time here to listen to/watch some of this material. Brilliant!!!!! I want everyone to know about these autism symptom videos. I feel as a health professional a quest to educate folks on the epidemic proportion of people experiencing inflammation in our culture. We have much to learn and this material is such a beautiful illustration for what we all need, and under the surface crave in our bodies, minds and souls.
    Karen Morch
    Craniosacral Therapist
  • Jackie offers resources from other professionals (medical and complementary) as well as providing the tools that have helped her adult autistic clients and her own personal challenges with autism. Jackie’s role is that of an educator, ensuring that her clients and readers have access to the broadest range of tools to meet the challenges of ASD in a loving, holistic manner that respects the dignity of all. She does not suggest anything single-minded, nor does she insist on being right. Drawing on her own vast educational and complementary experience, while using the framework of a complex ecosystem, Jackie maps out a path in which one can empower others to Thrive with Autism.
    Laura Lee Roberts
    B.A. Social Development Studies
  • Anna Van DykGod bless you and your work!

    I find your talks very refreshing. You tell the truth. So many people in the autism community have to be careful what they say due to licensing or being politically correct. The only way to help parents and their children is to tell the truth. I am so tired of being lied to even from well meaning doctors and people trying to help. God bless you and your work!

    Anna Van Dyk
    parent and activist