Guides and Fact-Sheets

Guides and Fact-Sheets

The collection of guides and fact-sheets is currently growing on GumRoad, where they are available on a pay-what-you-can basis.

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Plain language summaries of research, so that you know what to do, when, and why.

When I’m trying to learn something new, I often create a double-sided, easy-reference guide for myself. I’ll put it in a plastic sleeve, and hang it up inside a medicine cabinet, on the door of the fridge, by my cupboards, or in some other place where the information will be handy when I need it… because remembering to do something new when I’m in crisis is about the most difficult thing I’ve experienced.

These focused and action-ready guides are designed to help you:

  • monitor the cutting-edge research, and apply it in your life in practical way
  • acquaint you with books and other resources that can take you further, without confusion
  • simplify relevant information so you can easily share it with extended family, colleagues, etc.

As I began giving workshops, these guides were in steady demand. The combination of background information with immediately relevant actionable items got rave feedback. This doesn’t mean I have a swelled head — if no-one tells me how to improve what I’m doing, I’m struggling along with my own blind spots. So talk to me, please.

If you need more explanation, or believe the information needs reframing or additions, please get back to me. I’ll give you credit, I’ll give you gratitude, and YOU’ll give other parents and educators a better chance at learning what will help them help their kids.

Below is the ever-growing collection of  Quick-Start Guides intended to help you take the actions that you prioritize, from understanding your child’s symptoms and history in the framework of the five root causes of autism. Let me know how to improve them?

Thanks, Jackie