1:1 Support in Optimizing the Gifts, and Minimizing the Challenges of Autism Spectrum Living


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If you’re seeing too-few improvements in your child’s

  • learning
  • health
  • abilities

You could ask a health or therapeutic professional for help… but answers will be limited to a tiny fraction of what may -- or may not -- be useful for your child.

You could ask autism parent or autistic adult what helped in their situation… but every one of us needs different interventions, and they won’t know why.


To figure out what your child’s specific symptoms tell you about how to start pulling ahead most effectively…

Free Half-Hour Autism Turnaround Evaluation

  • What’s holding you back
  • Where you want to go
  • Where your fastest wins are

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5 Root Causes Assessment

In-depth assessment to decipher the unique symptoms your child is expressing and get crystal-clear on what will help the most, and why. Dream Summer 6-Month Program: 24 weeks to anchor your child’s unique, fastest, and most efficient path to autism turnaround. [Click Here].

Dream Summer 6-Month Program

24 weeks to anchor your child’s unique, fastest, and most efficient path to autism turnaround. Contact Me. Five clients only every January.


Yes, you can improve learning for your entire class, while maximizing learning (and minimizing disruptions) from your autism spectrum students.

This will only become more valuable, as increasing numbers of spectrum students ensure that your better results are noticed, and rewarded.


Free Half-Hour Evaluation

  • Your biggest challenges
  • Your educational goals
  • Where to start (and why)

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Autism-Optimize Your Classroom

In-depth assessment of your specific program, current actions, and intentions, to identify your unique steps towards an inspiring and aspiring integrated classroom. [Get In Touch]


Your work has you interacting with increasing numbers of people in the autistic spectrum -- ADHD, Dyslexia and other Sensory Integration Disorders, Asperger’s, OCD, PDD, Tourette’s…

What implications do the emerging eco-toxicity and trauma understandings of autism have for how you do your job?

How can you support people with autism the best, and inspire the best from them?


Free Half-Hour Evaluation

  • Your autism-related challenges
  • Your workplace goals, and personal goals for change
  • Where to start (and why)

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Autism-Optimize Your Work

In-depth assessment of your workplace, tasks, and spectrum interactions to identify your top options for stunning your peers with fast, heartwarming results for your spectrum clients or employees. [Get In Touch]

Spectrum Adults

Why can’t people value who you are and what you have to offer, while still helping you optimize what you’re capable of?

Many people just don’t understand the gifts of autism well enough, because they haven’t lived it.

If you want better quality of life at home, at work, at play, and in your relationships, I’d like to welcome you to a crew of us who’re doing just that, optimizing our autism.


Free Half-Hour Evaluation

  • What you want to change
  • What’s in the way
  • Your fastest, easiest wins

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Five Root Causes Assessment

In-depth analysis of your symptoms and life challenges to get crystal-clear on what will help you the most, and why. [Click Here]

Optimize Your Autism

24 weeks to anchor your unique, fastest, and most effective path to the highest quality of life and level of integration possible for you (and it’s higher than you think, I promise). [Get In Touch]

Whoever enters the way without a guide will take 100 years to travel a 2 day journey"

-- Rumi --

Are You Ready for An Autism Turnaround?


First, take a look at The SMART Steps to Thrive With Autism on the Get Started page. Go through the resources on each of those links.

When you’ve got your questions organized, set up a date to chat by applying for a free, half-hour, Autism Turnaround Evaluation. We’ll:

  • clarify your direction
  • identify what’s blocking you
  • strategize for the results you want

Sometimes I’ll suggest ways to work with me, sometimes I’ll suggest other people or resources for you to follow up on, often I’ll do both.

If you want to explore options for support from me, but just can’t see how to afford it, fill out the “Alternative Finance Options” application.


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How Is This Different From Other Autism Support?

Our understanding of autism is currently under scrutiny; medical authorities heavily invested in the old model are not impressed. When Gallileo published a book disproving the church’s model of our solar system, he spent the rest of his life in house arrest because of the challenge to the church’s authority. Model changes aren’t easy!

There's an outdated map of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD): autism is an incurable neurological disorder; no one recovers any lost function, so if you did, you must have been misdiagnosed.

There's an emerging biomedical map of ASD: expensive, intensive detoxing, gut repair, and lifetime consumption of nutritional supplements will help a few autistics with rich families to lead a more mainstream life.

And then there's my map of the autistic spectrum:

every autistic can optimize function and quality of life by improving or healing the up-to-5 potential underlying health problems, through low-cost and often do-it-yourself actions.

Unlike the first two, my map of autism is based on actual, personal experiences of autism and functional recovery - mine and many others from children through seniors - paired with science which can make sense of these experiences.

There are as many paths for autistics to gain health as there are autistics, because each of us has a unique blend of challenges. I collect those paths to wellness, seek out the science behind why they help us, and find the patterns so I can share the short-cuts with you.

I thought it was fantastic, getting an insight into what people experience when they have Autism. Small changes can make a big difference overall when put into place, even just one or two a week -- and these are all things that anyone can do. I didn’t know there were so many options and strategies. It is very uplifting to hear about autistic strengths and how they can be successful in the workforce, how to bring out the best. This information is not mainstream, but could really help anyone.”

Lisa Sinclair, parent and owner of EnviroPainter

Are You and I a Good Fit?

I have autism, and am a straight-forward, caring, and dedicated supporter of parents, educators, professionals, and other spectrum adults. I guide people like you through simple and mostly DIY ways to build the best quality of life and degree of fulfillment possible for people with autism.

From a huge California study, we know that the only real difference between autistics who thrive, and those who stay stuck, is the degree of access to good information. To that, I would add the degree of open-mindedness. Extent of challenges and financial resources are a lot less important than you think.

If you see headaches as pain-pill deficits, we aren’t a good match. But if you see headaches as an opportunity to learn where they’re coming from, and how to decrease the severity, frequency, or even likelihood of future headaches, let’s talk.

I don't consider autism a Psychiatric Disorder.

Autism is a natural and adaptive result of high stress during brain development (from conception to age 25), which skews development towards introversion and problem-solving, and away from social and communication skill. Ask me for the science on this!

However, this adaptation is being pressed too hard by current societal levels of stress — including nutritional, toxicity, social, EMF, immunological, fitness, emotional, physiological, metabolic, and other fronts. Pressure from stress is exceeding adaptive capacity, pushing increasing numbers of children and adults into pathology and death.

Stress Hurts All of Us, But We Can Turn It Around

Autism-type challenges are only one way this stress is being expressed. Fertility is dropping rapidly (up to and including spontaneous abortions). Inflammatory diseases are rising rapidly (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, to name only a few). And vulnerability to infection is far too high in populations which ought to be well-protected.

Autism is a bio-indicator that as a global population, we are moving outside the Goldilocks zone... That is, outside the range of "Just Right" for our health and well-being.

Moving back inside that Goldilocks zone, one factor at a time, is what allows us all to return to thriving.

If You Are:

  • frustrated or overwhelmed by autism-related challenges
  • seeing little-to-no improvements, or backsliding
  • looking for steady gains in function and quality of life

...I can help.

My clients generally find me when they’ve tried other things, and aren’t seeing the progress they want. When they’re ready, I show them how to achieve autism turnarounds.

If you're asking where you can get the most trustworthy, succinct, researched information to support people on the Autistic spectrum, Jackie McMillan is your 'go to' person. She is heart centered, playful, passionate and purposed in her intention to be of service to this community., Autism Professional