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Trauma Release

As a Spectrum Adult or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP):
  • You are much more likely to have high stress, and chronic health problems
  • You have personally experienced that mental, emotional, and physical health are intertwined
  • Your current tools for managing chronic stress and illness are not enough for you to thrive, so you're seeking options

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Do You Have Issues In Your Tissues?

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.

When we're fully healthy, we sleep well, we waken happy, and we live resilient, capable lives.

When we aren't thriving — when it's taking forever to heal, no matter what we do, or if life is neither fun nor improving — it's because something is blocking natural healing.

Dr. Zach Bush summarizes the research on this quite well... He says:

"You can work on the 0.01% all day long through drugs, supplements, surgeries, therapies, etc., but if you are not addressing the chaos and stress in the 99.99% you will never get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction, and you will be slow to make radical change in human health and experience."

In my experience, both personally and with clients, the higher the stress, the more glacial the pace of positive change.

If you're already chomping at the bit for positive change...

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Stress and trauma can get locked into your body, affecting your:

  • physical health (from frozen shoulders to cancer and autoimmune disease)
  • mental health (from learning challenges to memory and word-finding problems)
  • emotional health (from anxiety and depression to aggression)

When nothing else is working, trauma release turns health — and lives — around.

By putting tools and skills together from all around the world, and by becoming very conscious and deliberate about the process of inner house-keeping, we can speed through this cleaning-up process.

And frankly, those of us with the heaviest load of physical pain, emotional turmoil, and mental challenges are often the ones with the biggest motivation to master this skill set — and stop feeling so awful!

What does trauma release look like?

It's not talk therapy, which tends to just rip the scab off an old wound; we may know about what hurt us cognitively, but we haven't resolved it emotionally, and it's still locked into some part of our body, preventing physical healing.

It's not what I call "Reikier-than-thou" magical mystery tours, where someone "heals" you without explaining or empowering you. (Please Note: I'm not against Reiki — it's one of the 9 trauma release tools I've studied. But some practitioners don't teach self-help.)

I use analogies like spelunking, fishing, house-keeping, getting out of the quicksand, and blowing out the dust bunnies. It's internal tracking and problem-solving work that you can learn how to do for yourself. I did. And my clients do.

When you explore any new territory, it helps to have a map. So that's where we begin.

Welcome to a Guided Tour of Your Energy Field

In a nutshell, my own difficult health journey convinced me early on that multiple factors had impacts on my mental, emotional, and physical health, factors in which medical doctors don't receive training.

Fortunately, these "extras" show up in research papers in medical journals (so I wasn’t crazy)!

I came to three understandings I later learned are common to Indigenous cultures around the world, which are:

  1. If your energy field is healthy, nothing will go wrong in your mental, emotional, or physical health. If your energy field isn’t healthy (or you have bugs in your coding, as a techie friend puts it), you're prone to any illness that pulls you down the slippery slope to which your genetics, environment, and lifestyle leave you vulnerable.
  2. Recovery of mental, emotional, and physical health isn't possible unless you resolve the "issues-in-your-tissues" — the beliefs or energy blockages that prevent your body from healing the way it's designed to. It's much faster and easier to do this processing consciously. If you leave it to the unconscious, you can stay stuck in various types of discomfort for a long time, or never get out.
  3. Anything that helps is good medicine.

These rules also apply to issues that haven't devolved into illness yet, such as repeatedly having the same kinds of trouble at work (even when your job changes), or the same kinds of troubles in relationships (even though the people involved are different).

Every aspect of our lives — career, partnerships, family, creativity, renewal, relaxation, learning, friends, community, logic, preferences, etc. — is affected, shaped, or determined by attitudes and beliefs we've adopted, whether they are true or false.

Amazingly, these attitudes and beliefs can be “debugged”, replaced with health-promoting ones.

At the core, our coding, our energy "health" determines where we sit on the spectrum between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (stressed to the point of sleeplessness and/or paranoia) and a state of peace and calm in any particular aspect of life.

Some people excel in relationships, others excel in art or science... We fall shy of our full potential in at least some aspect(s) of life because stress from pulled-out-of-shape energy blocks our way.

I’d like to share an analogy. If you imagine each of us in our own canoe on a lake, your stress load is what determines how high your canoe rides above the water’s surface - in other words, how much freeboard you’ve got.

If any big wave (high stress) comes along, people with smaller freeboard are at risk of taking on water, or swamping altogether — where swamping means getting over-stressed and under-functional.

Everyone has a different amount of freeboard, so a wave that's an "Uh-oh..." for some canoes might be a "Wheee..." for others. It depends on the wave, and the person.

During your guided tour, you and I will tour your energy field — the “aurora borealis” that surrounds you the way electromagnetic fields circle a magnet, or circle our planet.

The map we create allows us to share a language and a context for how you perceive things beyond your 5 senses.

By the end of the session, we will have a sense of how well we might work together, and you'll have:

  • an audio recording of our appointment
  • my notes on what your perceptions told you
  • sketches of your chakras and the energy fields surrounding you,
  • some references in case you want more context, and
  • either a link to meet again if we suit each other, or referrals to other types of trauma release if my service does not feel like the right fit.

This takes trust.

As someone with autism who survived public school, I’ve experienced almost every type of abuse out there.

It made me determined to help people treat themselves — and each other — better.

I’m not a judge, critic, guru, or gossip. Like most people, I’ve done some things I’m proud of, made mistakes I don’t want to repeat, and am working to improve, ongoing.

It’s all about learning and growing, not success or failure, nor right or wrong. No matter where we start, we’re all on our own paths to a unique place we want to go, and we all get stuck, sometimes.

Trauma release is how to get unstuck.

If you know you're ready to get unstuck...

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During our tour of your energy field, I show up as your guide and supporter in new territory - no expectations, no rules, no judgment.

We will follow and map whatever most catches your attention, try other routes if something is too tricky, and follow your body’s guidance on which issue would be a good example to show you how to unwind any twisted energy.

My goal is to empower you with skills and tools.

I enjoy the time I spend with clients, but even more so because it’s all about your becoming empowered in new ways, working successfully through challenges, and stretching towards full health on all levels, stretching your wings.


Intact Indigenous cultures train their children in awareness of their energy and spirit.

I believe that “developed” cultures have done us a disservice by leaving energy-awareness off the map for how to live well.

I want as many people as possible to recover that missing birthright, a handy toolbox for positive change.

Everyone deserves to know their potential.

And no one deserves to get left behind.

That’s why I’m offering you 75+ minutes of skilled and experienced guidance at no cost.

When demand goes up, I'll have to stop personalized tours and lead small groups, so there are advantages to starting now.

Just click on this link ( or the button below to book your Free Energy-Field Tour.

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Best, Jackie


If you've reached a place of being sick, and tired, and ready to do whatever it takes to feel better...

I've been there.

I tried loads of stuff, figured out what helped (and what didn't), and discovered that my pain and health problems wouldn't go away until I resolved the old stress patterns and beliefs stuck in the places that were sore or ill or miserable.

I got rid of my own allergies, joint pain, migraines, terror of heights, back pain, and so much more.

I've helped others get over fear of flying, athletic injuries, cancer, autoimmune issues, and more.

I'm not a doctor - I refer my clients to all kinds of health professionals - Instead, I help you hear what your body is telling you, so you can give your body and soul what they need to heal.

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“Thank you so much Jackie. You are supporting me to get in touch with more self in ways I didn’t know existed. I greatly appreciate your insight and meditative guidance.”

— Hilary Diouf, Counsellor and Parent


"I have been working with Jackie over several months. Initially I reached out to her to help me deal, cope and heal from several concussions a year before. To my surprise, through Jackie's amazing work I was able to heal within 3 months.

It has been incredible, especially since I experienced severe depression, vision, auditory, mental and many other physical problems as a result of the concussions. After EVERY session with Jackie there was transformation and healing which occurred, and rarely if ever, did the symptoms return.

Needless to say, I have been more than thrilled and there has been no one else who has been able to help me with these symptoms. No psychotherapist, chiropractor, etc.

Everything truly is the 'issue within our tissue'. Jackie's work is life changing and exciting and can be a lot of fun, as long as we have a curiosity about ourselves and what has shaped us into who we are today. I cannot say enough about this powerful work. Thank you Jackie for everything you have helped me with."

— Inga B., Therapeutic Professional, Oakville, Ontario

"Huge leaps of gratitude to Jackie McMillan for her amazing, intuitive navigation skills and multidisciplinary tools. She is a compassionate, funny, joyful and understanding guide who provides unwavering support and trust in your power and ability to shift, explore and heal what needs healing. She knows it's a team effort, she knows the work it takes to do what you are doing willingly and consciously, and she provides a wonderfully loving container to do it all.

Whether I simply need a witness and space holder, or I am completely tapped and have no idea where to start, Jackie has been an invaluable resource to me. I trust her, and most of all, I enjoy our process. I have often come out of our time together laughing, smiling, and even have been known to give a high five or two."

— Suzanne Botsford, Medical Aromatherapist

I started working with Jackie when I became aware that I was still deeply affected by the emotional abuse I had suffered in my former marriage. I was carrying beliefs about myself that were affecting my ability to trust others. I heard about Jackie through a dear friend and from the first session we had I knew she was the right person to help me. 

We had bi-weekly online calls for several months. Jackie would record and share the call with me after. This alone was gold as I was able to rewatch the session and understand the deep roots of my trauma and the beliefs that I was working through and healing from. Jackie would also send me a transcript of our session, which was convenient if I was not able to watch the recording. 

Our sessions consisted of practical knowledge and resources and more esoteric remote energy work. The practical resources that Jackie shared with me helped me to further fuel the work we were doing in between our calls. The energy work was incredible.

I have worked with some other energy practitioners but what Jackie does is truly unique and helpful. Jackie would work through my different energy levels using them as a guide to find the source of my trauma and trust issues. Even though we were remote, I could feel shifts in my body and my mind as Jackie did her amazing work. 

Because of the work that Jackie and I did together, I no longer feel affected by the emotional abuse and I have recovered my ability to trust others. I can not recommend Jackie highly enough. She has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you for all your help Jackie, I dearly appreciate it.

— Bronwyn A., Doula and Parent

"Before we worked together on my fear of flying, about 2 weeks beforehand I would start to get really nervous and sketched out. My hands would shake, my body would shake, my stomach would get all upset.

Mostly I just didn’t want to go anywhere on a plane. Even if I wanted to go to the place, I was terrified of being in the airport, and panicking again.

When we started to work on this, it seemed like there were deeper issues. Jackie has an ability to go into where those deep issues are sitting, and say, well, let’s look at them, let’s see if we can’t bring some other decision in there.

When I needed to book a flight, the panic was coming up, and I would wait for it. But the length of time I was panicking just kept getting shorter and shorter: 2 days before, then one day before, then a couple of hours before, and then a half hour into the flight...

And even then, the panic is not the way that it was.  I can actually enjoy being where I am and not have to worry about the upcoming flight."

— Sumati Karis Clinton, Landscape Designer and Parent

A lot of people in my life are not “woo-woo”, but because they’re close to me and this work has been so rewarding, I’ve had to figure out how to explain it.  You go into a meditative state, where you’re doing a ton of healing on wounds you didn’t know were there, in ways you didn’t know were possible, and getting rid of them in a way that’s lasting.  

Starting at age 17, I’ve done a ton of talk therapy over the years, which helped me identify issues and where they were coming from, but it’s never been impactful in a way that affects my daily life and that’s long-lasting.  Jackie’s support has been so much more effective.  My past 9 months’ work with her took me further than the previous 10 years. This has been exponential healing in such a short time, sometimes it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it.”

— Kelly Targosz-Valdez, F/T Work and Parent

Linette C. Keller

Linette C. KellerJackie works with you to find solutions that will fit into your life without turning it upside down.

Jackie has a strong footing in so many disciplines that she has several directions from which to tackle any health issue.  She is also practical enough to know that heavy-handed modifications to diet or routine aren't feasible, and works with you to find solutions and suggestions that will fit into your life without turning it upside down.

Linette C. Keller


Jackie has a strong footing in so many disciplines that she has several directions from which to tackle any health issue. She is also practical enough to know that heavy-handed modifications to diet or routine aren’t feasible, and works with you to find solutions and suggestions that will fit into your life without turning it upside down.

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