Online, Small-Group Support in Optimizing the Gifts, and Minimizing the Challenges of Autism Spectrum Living


Online Programs

These online programs cover all three of your top priorities, if you want to optimize the gifts, and minimize the challenges of autism.

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Transition to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet (TAID)

How to Quench Brain Inflammation (and help heal 85% of other chronic health problems)

Through gentle steps and experienced guidance, the TAID program transitions you through which foods cause harm, which foods are a mixed blessing, and which foods will allow your gut to heal itself.

If you’re experiencing brain inflammation (autism, memory challenges, word-finding challenges), toenail fungus, Candida, chronic fatigue, allergies, joint pain, or other energy and joy-sapping health issues that just won’t go away, or keep getting worse, the TAID program is how to feed healing.

By the end of this program, you will know how to put together meals that heal, for yourself, for your family, for a daycare, or for your other work. You will have clarity and comfort in being able to explain why this last phase of SCD/ GAPS is restoring health, and you will have recipes to feed yourself well.

SCD/GAPS Elimination Diet Support: 3-month Intensive

Healing the Sensitive Gut (and 85% of other chronic health problems) for those with deeper digestive issues and very narrow food choices.

This SEDS program is not for beginners! If you haven’t been on a strict Anti-Inflammatory diet for at least two months, do not join this group. If your child's - or your own - diet is already very restricted, these are the steps that will make other foods enticing, and digestible.

If you’re ready to put in some serious work to heal yourself, or heal your family (and this is a lot easier to do when the whole household eats together), this is how to:

  • Discover just how good life can get
  • Have awesome company along a challenging path
  • Put 125+ years of gut-healing research to best use

Basics to Reversing Autism Brain Inflammation (BRABI)

6 weeks to a home, classroom, or workplace that stops creating autism challenges, and allows the recovery of full potential for people with autism

What to do, and how to do it, to turn autism challenges around. Get succinct, practical information and support that makes all the difference in autism turnaround (and without which, your efforts are constantly undermined).

In 6 weeks, you will have removed the biggest barriers to the future you desire: a healthy, satisfying, integrated life for someone with autism, and a home, classroom, or clinic with "no problem behaviours", as one of my clients put it.

This program covers the full spectrum of inexpensive DIY options that unblock, enable and supply autistic health improvement. Climb onto a clear and productive path that minimizes costly interventions and time for recovery.

This is the 3rd of the SMART Steps to Thrive With Autism. Work your way through Symptoms (The Autism Decoder report) and Model (The Five Root Causes of Autism Challenges report and/or webinar), to personalize your process and get the most benefit from this Assess, Adapt, and Achieve program!

Mastering Autism Brain Inflammation (MABI)

Reach for full potential with a lifestyle that dodges the pitfalls, and builds the physical and social environments which STOP undermining autistic health and function, and SPEED autism turnarounds.

Create a life where autism isn’t in charge. Optimize mental, emotional, and physical health, so that personal fulfillment and high quality of life are achievable for all.autism family members.

Manage change - Prevent crises - Capably handle compulsive and addictive tendencies - Work with nature and health-promoting frequencies - Create the social structures that will support you - Use autistic gifts to surpass the challenges.

This is the 4th of the SMART Steps to Thrive With Autism. To maximize personal benefit from this Reach for Potential program, work through Symptoms, Model, and AAA beforehand, or set up an exam to make sure you won’t hold other attendees back!

Dream Summer

24 weeks to the summer you dream about for your child with autism

Every January through June, I accept five families or spectrum adults for an intensive mentoring program. If there is no live link here, this year's spots are already taken. Preference is given to people with whom I've worked before, because you will be familiar with my very different model of autism, and how I work.

Whoever enters the way without a guide will take 100 years to travel a 2 day journey"

-- Rumi --