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Free Autism Decoder

If you’ve ever asked why autistic people do specific things that are so different from what you expect to see from a child or adult at that age or stage, this is the document that will explain where those are coming from.

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Autism Essentials Free Webinar

What your doctor probably doesn’t know about autism.

Parents – Educators – Health Professionals – Spectrum Adults

I offer a free, one-hour webinar as an introduction to my six-module online program, “Assess, Adapt and Achieve”. Knowing that parents of autistics are often overwhelmed, 
this free webinar presentation is focused on lightening their burden. This live webinar grounds you in the:

  • underlying causes of autistic symptoms and challenges
  • science that makes sense of autism recovery
  • top three simple, indispensable actions that yield the fastest and least expensive results.

I developed this unique information by bringing the experiences of autism and recovery together with the relevant science. In this webinar, I share the understandings you need in order to begin making sense of your own experiences with autism. This constantly updated information has been helping people get better results for over 20 years.