The SMART Steps to Thrive With Autism

Help an autistic thrive in the shortest possible time, with the least expense and disruption.

SMART steps

1) Symptoms

Symptoms: Autism behaviours and symptoms

Each behaviour or symptom expresses one of three things: a specific underlying stress and pain; an over-excited nervous system; or a coping mechanism. Each autistic has a unique constellation of symptoms. When you know what message each symptom is conveying, you have a powerful short-cut to better health, learning, and function.
2) Model of Autism

Model: The five root causes of autism challenges

Five specific health issues cause autism-type challenges in adults who have never shown any previous signs of autism -- and who heal from these when given treatment appropriate to their health injuries. When these health issues are severe and occur early in life, brain development sensibly favours problem-solving over socializing.
3) Assess, Adapt, and Achieve

Assess, Adapt, & Achieve: Guided short-cuts to health

Why do some autistics benefit from interventions that do nothing for others? Inexpensive, do-it-yourself experiments for home, classroom, clinic, or workplace clarify what is helping, and what is harming. Minimize autism challenges, and optimize health, learning, and functional recovery for the specific autism challenges you are experiencing.
4) Reach For Potential

Reach For Potential: Expand your sphere of influence

Recognize the potential pitfalls to avoid or remedy, and really fathom what it takes to use the gifts of autism to surpass the challenges. Magnify the consistent gains you’ve begun to see by taking the results of your experiments out into the world to shape environments which support autistics -- and all other humans.
5) Tailored Therapies & Treatments

Tailored Therapies and Treatments: Refine your results

If you do therapies first, you get a fraction of your potential results. But if you’ve already clarified what’s helping or harming any remaining autism challenges through the previous steps, you can now pinpoint which categories of treatment are most likely to be of help in resolving your particular situation, and be worth your investment. Mentoring

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