From the Parents

Lisa Sinclair

parent and owner of Enviro Painting

I thought it was fantastic, getting an insight into what one experiences when they have Autism. Very informative and things that can make a big difference when put into place. If you take just one or two things a week from the session you can start making big change over all. It is good to see that there are so many other options. A lot of strategies. It is very uplifting to hear the strengths and talk about how they can be successful in the workforce. It is good to hear about how to bring out the positive aspects and focus on their strengths to bring out the best in them. Things that are talked about you need to know. Lots of information but all the things are things that anyone can do. Small changes can make a big difference. It is not mainstream but could really help anyone.

Lee Horton-Carter

couple and family therapist, Waterloo ON

Fantastic!! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. This is, I believe, a pivotal piece for our family. Very enthusiastic, well researched and easy to listen to. I appreciate your knowledge and your positive, warm presentation style. Difficult concepts explained well. Nice that you remind us to just do “doable” baby steps. I love how you present. Love your passion re. teaching. Love your enthusiasm. It’s so contagious & uplifting! Clear. Practical. Informative. Thank you.

Samantha MacLeod

parent and RMT, Cambridge ON

Excellent; lots of digestible, informative chunks of helpful, do-able ideas/ suggestions. I am sad that this is the end of the 12 seminars. You truly are an inspiration. I would love for my son to meet you. These seminars have changed my outlook & attitude about autism.

Anna Van Dyk

parent and activist

Anna Van DykGod bless you and your work!

I find your talks very refreshing. You tell the truth. So many people in the autism community have to be careful what they say due to licensing or being politically correct. The only way to help parents and their children is to tell the truth. I am so tired of being lied to even from well meaning doctors and people trying to help. God bless you and your work!

From the Educators

Jan Klassen

Special Education Specialist, Guelph

Dear Jackie, I have learned so much from you and I am grateful. I love that you are able to speak from personal experience, a living example that your methods & research work. What I have learned is that autism is a product of our environment and not genetic - that surprised me. As a teacher I learned about the disease condition, but not really how I can help a child in my classroom. I leave each week feeling thankful that I am learning. May you continue to educate people. You are amazing!

Linette C. Keller


Jackie has a strong footing in so many disciplines that she has several directions from which to tackle any health issue. She is also practical enough to know that heavy-handed modifications to diet or routine aren’t feasible, and works with you to find solutions and suggestions that will fit into your life without turning it upside down.

From the Health Practitioners

Lynn Amatuzio

Registered Holistic Nutritionist and BIE Practitioner, Waterloo ON

It was wonderful to know how and where to get helpful information for families and individuals with autism. Also the tracking symptoms is helpful for my profession. Jackie is a wealth of knowledge and important information!

Nadine Feldman

C.T.P., Certified Trager Practitioner

Jackie McMillan provided me with a very clear overview and some excellent guidelines with respect to working with people with autism. Jackie was able to intelligently synopsize some of the most important elements and facts so that, as a Certified Trager Practitioner with very limited exposure to those with autism, I felt that I had a solid base from which to formulate an approach that would be effective in working with individuals in this group. Jackie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. She continues to educate herself and refine her work.

From Adults in the Autistic Spectrum

Judy A.

spectrum adult and parent

The idea of habituation and masking – something to think about. Interesting book resources introduced. Really opened my eyes about things I had never thought of. This was an eye-opening presentation that explains a lot about what I have experienced over the years.