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May 7, 2013
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June 2, 2013
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Are Autistics Retarded?

Amanda Baggs

Amanda Baggs

I just watched another video by Amanda Baggs, a non-verbal autistic whom I greatly admire.  The extent to which she reflects my own autistic experiences adds to my determination to make a difference in this field of humanity.  She speaks of the words we autistics are called not being the problem. Instead, it’s the judgments and discrimination which may be layered on those words that are the real problem.  

I could not agree more.  My learning was — and in some ways still is — retarded.  Yet that doesn’t make me stupid, by any stretch of the imagination.

For all of us on the spectrum, cognitive function comes and goes.  It’s one of the most challenging things for most of us, to be capable of something one day that we can’t even fathom, the next.  So frustrating.  Thank goodness the gap between good days and bad ones can be shrunk once you understand the five root causes of autism, and how to remediate these.  And thank goodness the other symptoms can also be reduced or eliminated.

I wish I could share the depth of my admiration for this woman and what she is accomplishing as a bridge-builder with you.  In hope, I’ll share this video:

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