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September 10, 2014
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Answers to Educators 30 Top Questions

EduFAQCoverWow, after a lot of hoop-jumping, I’ve been able to take some of my written resource material…

…Previously only available to the staff of school boards and other educational and early childhood institutions which hosted my trainings for Professional Development days,

….And create an eBook (and if you ask for it, I can create a physical book fairly easily now, too)!

To say that I’m thrilled would be an understatement… I’m downright flappy, and have had to use the rebounder LOTS in the last few days to calm down, as I got closer to finished.

This ebook is now available at

This is my gift for those of you wishing to improve your parent-teacher dialogues around how best to support particular autistic students in both integrated and special education classrooms.

And for those of you who home-school, much gratitude for finding a way to make home-schooling possible despite the challenges and expense… this book is doubly useful to you, as you have the capacity to create a much-more-universally supportive environment.

Answers to Educators’ 30 Top Questions is now available for $9.99 as a living document, an easily and regularly-updated tool to accompany the first of my Professional Development trainings for individual educators and school boards.

When I offer this training (Understanding and Responding Effectively to Challenging Autistic Behaviours), I have committed to answering all the questions given to me.  However, now that the school board and ECE trainings are exceeding 300 – and sometimes 800 – educators, I can’t get to all those questions in the allotted time.

So my request has been that those educators whose questions weren’t answered during the program jot their queries down on index cards which Susan and I provide.  I can then answer those questions later and provide that resource to the organizations which hosted my programming.

However, as the number of additional questions grew, these questions and answers were becoming a large resource in their own right.  For those educators who have not been able to participate in my live professional development events, in what has become this book.

And on the topic of accessibility:

If you speak another language and would be willing to help translate this, I would very much like to hear from you (right now, the form on the Mentoring page is the best way to reach me, if you aren’t on my mailing list and can’t handle more load in your in-box).

Many thanks to all of you, for caring about someone (or many someones) with autism!

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