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December 6, 2014
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December 10, 2014
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Autism Research Discriminates Against Women

Autistic Women’s Rights Challenge:

Please ask your national, provincial, territorial, or state autism organization to include the voices of autistic women who have NOT been able to access an ASD diagnosis.  Request that they add a women’s diagnostic questionnaire to their current survey of adult needs.

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It is often well-nigh impossible for higher-functioning women on the autistic spectrum to receive a diagnosis without access to resources we often don’t have, either because of our challenges, or because the health care accessible to us has no training in diagnosing women — particularly here in Canada.

When research and organizational assessments of autism are carried out, there is a requirement for an official diagnosis — which then means that those of us women who have not been able to access the geographically rare and expensive specialists who DO diagnose autistic women are unable to participate.
If you are surveying the health or needs of autistics, please consider offering an evaluative pre-questionnaire for women not yet diagnosed, in order to participate in your survey (assuming you want more realistic results).
Leaving out the voices of those of us who have experienced significant gains in function over time helps no-one.
In my 30+ years of networking and following the research on autism, I have met just as many women on the autistic spectrum as men. That we camouflage slightly better is no excuse to ignore our very real health challenges and other, resulting difficulties.

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