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March 20, 2013
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How many hangovers are medically caused?

Today is not so good — the second day after the DMSA challenge test.  Detox symptoms are nigh unbearable in the way of volatile emotions, physical pain, and cognitive variability. When you do these tests for other autistics, I highly recommend that you put kits or a suggestions page together for the parents, to keep the pain and discomfort levels down for their children.  My body is yelling at me to take/ do these things:

  • Supplements:  Vit C, Vit A, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Zn 100mg, Se 500mcg, Cr 400mg, 
  • Hypernourishment:  greens plus, extra wheat grass powder, spirulina
  • Essential Oils:  lavender for forehead toxin headache, cypress on the crown for pressure/glass shards
  • Foods:  liquids only, blended veg & fruit & oils & electrolytes because of the nausea
  • Liquids:  pushing motherwort, nettle, dandelion teas, to keep thing moving through
  • Sauna:  I’ll be doing one later today, to get the ache in the extremities down
  • Homeopathics:  Unda 2, 243, and 258 are in the day’s water bottle; am taking Nux vomica as needed

Hangover remedyThese (above) may or may not be the correct support for your own post-DMSA experience; health support and advice from a complementary health practitioner post-test is a VERY good idea.

Other things would definitely help anyone after a DMSA test:

  • salt water soak, 2 cups GOOD sea salt in a tub for at least 20 minutes
  • castor oil packs on the belly
  • deep breathing techniques
  • dandelion leaf tea with a bit of fennel for flavour and gut-soothing

A page with how to do the tests is not enough information to prepare people for the aftermath of all these cell-released toxins loose in the body.  A lot of autistics can’t talk to express the discomfort they’re in, and many of those who can speak, really struggle to find the right words in a time-frame others find acceptable.  Can we put our heads together to create a symptom-relief kit for parents/ caregivers?  Alongside a body-language sheet so parents can translate what discomfort the child is experiencing and respond appropriately?  This is truly, deeply, not fun, and I very much want the children to have good support through it.

How can we empower people who are supervising or taking these tests to avoid damage from them?  Please share your suggestions and concerns below.

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