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March 18, 2013
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March 20, 2013
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Fallout from my Heavy Metal Collection

Two days ago, I did a 6-hour DMSA challenge test to take a look at my heavy metal collection (inside the body, that is).  It was a period of increasing discomfort and symptoms, and I have to tell you, more than 48 hours after the test was finished, the symptoms are still getting worse.  The sutures in my skull are aching, I’m increasingly nauseous, the sludge-feeling and ache is building in my forearms and lower legs… and my thinking is getting slower, and slower.

GreenSmoothieMy first thought this morning, though, was, if it’s this bad for me, with all of the intuitive and health skills I’ve developed and am throwing at this medical-test hangover, those poor kids who have to go through this without the skills to ask for what they need!  So I fired a note off to my health care folks, letting them know what my body was screaming at me to provide.  I’ll put that list in the next post, but DO NOT take it as the right thing to do in your circumstances; this is FYI, NOT a prescription, ok?

Feeding yourself when you’re detoxing like this is important, but it’s hard to do when you’re nauseous, so I stick to intuitive smoothies (I ask my body which ingredients need to go into each one as I go).  Today this has resulted in the strangest smoothie I’ve ever made, but it doesn’t taste half-bad, and it’s disappearing really fast (a good sign from the body).  So for your amusement, here are the all-organic ingredients:  kale, turmeric, sea salt, galangal, fish oil, half a lemon (whole), saskatoon berries, banana, cinnamon, fennel, and spirulina.  

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